Tailor-made sewing
of handmade competition Modlen leotards
by gymnasts measurements

We are a design studio of Modlen, which produces specialized sportswear for competitions to order.

Since 2000, the Modlin studio has been designing and sewing leotards for rhythmic gymnastics and dance. Since 2005, we have been creating costumes for acrobats. Since 2006, for figure skating.

Over time we have learned the rules for dozens of sports and are ready to think up your own design for your performance or make a costume from our current collection.

In a cozy studio of 20 members, we are very happy to make costumes that fit well on athletes and deliver them around the world in 3 business days.

For parents to become part of the gymnast’s competition, it makes sense to purchase T-shirts or hoodies with the corresponding inscriptions on them.

Designed for tailor-made creating

tailor-made leotards sewing takes from 3 business days

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