• Can you ship all leotards from my order together?

    To send two or more costumes together — you need to add all the gymnastics leotards to a single cart, specify in the checkout delivery address and full pay for the order. After receiving the order from you, we will analyze the details & measurements and if there are any questions — we will contact …

  • Type of skirts for baton twirling, Acrobatic Gymnastics Leotard & other sports

    Can the leotard be made with a longer skirt? Looking at it for a baton twirling

    Any leotard from our collection can be produced with a long skirt or skirtless at all. Since there are customers not only on baton twirling, it will be useful to know that for acrobats we are ready to make a short skirt according to the design of the dress and current rules for acrobatic gymnastics. …

  • Cutting the stretch lycra for the future leotard

    Where can I buy a leotard for gymnastics?

    When ordering a costume from anybody, it is important to clearly understand the result, not only when the costume is first worn on the gymnast, but also how it will look on the gymnast during the performances. There are many online stores all over the world where you can buy ready-made sports suits (like acrobatic …

  • Red, gold, mesh Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard 220 for competitions

    How to sew a leotard better: with long sleeves or short sleeves?

    The length of the sleeves depends on many factors. And we won’t tell all of them, but there are some interesting thoughts about it. The sleeve length of the leotard for boy or girl is often influenced by the sport (like acrobatic gymnastics), but that’s not the only factor. In Australia, for example, clients prefer …

  • Could your leotard designs be made as a long unitard?

    Any current leotard’s design could be tailor-made sewn for women and males as a jumpsuit. Just choose the option “Jumpsuit” or “Jumpsuit with a skirt” at “Hips & legs covering” buying options below the leotard’s photos and description. It also makes sense to remember that Modlen Studio has a section with nice designs of gymnastics …

  • Do you have knowledge of the requirements for acrobatic gymnastics?

    We’re making more than 1000 different well fit acrobatic gymnastics costumes for gymnasts all over the world every year & dispatching them in 3 business days for happy customers. So yes, we have some knowledge 😉

  • How to avoid traumas in gymnastics sport

    Rhythmic gymnastics — is one of the least traumatic kinds of sport. However, the injuries during trainings and performances are met even here. But we know the secrets of passing them over and being always at your best! Before taking their children to a sports section, many parents ask themselves how traumatic one or another kind of sport is. What concerns rhythmic gymnastics, not so many researches have been carried …

  • Your first Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard – where to order

    Rhythmic gymnastics is a very bright, spectacular and feminine kind of sport! Everything attracts here — grace of sportswomen, bright leotards for rhythmic gymnastics, worldwide fame of champions, large-scale and interesting competitions, and healthy lifestyle! So there is absolutely no wonder why parents want to send their child to the classes as early as possible! Let us find out at what age it is better to start. Champion’s age — when …

  • About Modlen Studio

    Modlen Studio was founded in the year of 2000. Its main work is competition leotards for sports and  rhythmic gymnastics, from sketching to sewing, as well as costumes for figure skating, dance costumes, evening and ball dresses, fancy dresses. Exclusive works, individual approach to each customer, creation of a harmonious image, huge portfolio of works and endless stream of new ideas — this is how you can briefly describe “Modlen”. …

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics is a Young Kind of Sport

    Rhythmic gymnastics, though it can sound strange today, is indeed a relatively young kind of sport. It came into the world thanks to Mariinskiy Theatre, or, to be more exact, to the ballet masters, who worked there. It all began with the Higher School of Art Movement, that was opened in 1913 at the Higher Courses of the doctor of medicine , an outstanding pedagogue, biologist, anthropologist, doctor Peter Frantsovich Lesgaft. This …

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