Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition Leotard № 220 for winner


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The leotard on photo has less than 1000 crystals, so we recommend from 1000 basic or Swarovski crystals for more attractive performances at competitions

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The Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard for the winner. Overflows of the velvet gymnastics costume gives depth and sensuality to every movement of the gymnast on the competitions.

Gold applique of the rg leotard, emphasizes the sophistication of the costume and rivets the gaze.

A complex cut and decor of the rhythmic gymnastics leotard will not leave you indifferent, your performance will be remembered for its strength and brilliance.

Each applique on rhythmic gymnastics leotard is highlighted with radiant crystals, the waist is emphasized by cutouts on the sides, and the accents make the gymnastics dress memorable.

You can experiment with different color combinations of this leotard’s design and get a leotard’s combination that is ideally suited to your performance on the competition.


Red, gold, mesh

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    • 9 €
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